lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Don’t even think about it

Don’t even think about it
Ezequiel Eiben

He was staring at her, and she knew it.
A big party was going on at the hotel´s bar but it wasn’t important for them. They had another thing in mind. Since hours ago, they couldn’t concentrate on anything else.
The conference could have been interesting for both, if they had paid attention. But it was impossible since the moment they discover each other on their respective sits. They looked with curiosity that soon turned into desire. After the boring dissertation, they had the chance to talk at dinner time. A spark appeared in their souls, and warm sensations on their bodies.
But on the party, they weren’t talking. They weren’t dancing either. She was near the counter, looking nowhere, but feeling his eyes fix on her. He was leaning against a pillar, with all his intentions explicit on his way of looking.
He started walking towards her. She was surprised looking at so decided man coming to her. He didn’t ask; he just took her by the arm and said to her ear “let’s go”. She thought she could die in that very moment, but decided to walk away. There was just too much energy coming from him to manage it. She tried to leave, but he didn’t let her. He grabbed her arm with more force than before, and she found that erotic and violent at the time. She looked at his captor knowing she couldn’t escape. His eyes were again, staring at her. At her attempt to leave, he said firmly:
-Don’t even think about it.
And she understood she was for him.
He took her out of the bar, through the corridors, assuming she wanted all that. She felt like his will was all that matters, because her will was to obey his. He putted her against the bedroom´s door and came close to her. She perceived his perfume on his neck and starting to fall in a dream. Without asking, just acting like if he was exercising a right, with his rude style, he kissed her. He tried those lips after waiting hours to give them what they were born to receive. She felt electricity and couldn’t do more than returning the kiss with fury. That could have only one result: release the fierceness of the beasts.
He opened the door and pushed her inside. No time to turn on the lights, passion was unleashed and unstoppable. He kissed her mouth and byte her lips until it hurt. Then, he started to kiss her neck and she felt how he was discovering new points of sensibility. She was surrendered, and he was insatiable. It just had to flow on a predictable course.
He took her shirt off, and in a second she found out she wasn’t with bra anymore. Pleasure came as a devastating torrent when he used wet kisses on her breasts, on her nipples that were shacking. He kissed her body, and she was with head back, closed eyes towards the roof, with face contorted by such pleasuring movements, and losing the notion of time.
He continued to undressed her with a facility that she admired, like if he knew by heart step by step what to do in the precise moment and naturally. He left her completely naked in front of him. She felt his eyes were crossing her body, and his kissing was burning her skin.
She wanted desperately to see him like she was. Naked, unprotected, and burning. She undressed him feeling him wanting what was happening, and excited with her moves. She found what she expected: a strong body that was about to give her an amazing night. She hugged him and kissed him slowly, composing the prelude of the main concert. He hugged her, and between faster kissing took her to the bed, where she laid expecting the moment to feel him inside of her. He came to her with ability and stood above her, looking to her eyes. She was calling for passion, and he was willing to give it. Again he started the burning kisses, and she answered violently. She crossed her legs around him, showing she wanted him for herself.  He liked being caught like that, and did what she was waiting. He penetrated her with fastness and sureness, and she let go a shout of pleasure. She clawed her nail at the sheets, as she felt vibrations inside her body. He continued incessantly, feeling her body attached to his body, feeling her moving breasts on his chest, and looking at her sexual expression of incomparable pleasure. He took her hands and hold them tight. She was not going anywhere and he kept his word.    
After long time of making love at the light of the moon coming through the window in a splendid night of close encounter and vivid emotions, they laid on the bed immersed on a big hug that put together their sweaty bodies. The night of sex had been full of energy and passion. The messy bed was testifying that a man and a woman did what they were supposed to do.