martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014



Because when she looks at me I burn inside
and when she kisses me I melt like if I were under the sun
I want her
Because she changed who I am
and she improved my vision of life
I need her
Because she is the reason for having a reason
and the cause that is worth fighting for needs this reason
I love her
She has this wonderful sense of life
that makes me want to hold her tight
She is this woman that came into my life
and with tenderness and love took me by surprise
Because she is beautiful
and her world is wonderful
I want her
Because I am a better man with her
And I like her to be my girl
I need her
Because once she was in my mind she didn’t come out
and the thoughts in my head are calling her loud
I love her
She is in everything
She is like the end and the beginning of things
She represents what is good in the world
I should describe her with the word “Love”

28/10/2014 – 29/10/2014

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