lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014


Ezequiel Eiben

I’m doing fine.
Until I realize how much I miss this woman. How much I want her hands in my face, her mouth on my mouth, her body close to mine.
Until I realize that all I do is think about her. That she was the best I had and somehow I don’t have her anymore.
Until I remember that she was supposed to be my wife, and we were supposed to live happily forever after. We were supposed just to be together.
Until I remember she is gone. She is far away, in another life, in another world. And I’m here alone, waiting for something I shouldn’t wait for, expecting something that is not going to happen.    
I’m doing fine.
Until the image of her sleeping next to me in the morning after a night together comes up. And early morning, ruins my whole damn day.
Until the memories of her face haunt me and break me down.
Until I see her profile and the sensation that she is fine without me and she doesn’t need me makes me feel so insignificant that I doubt about how she could ever love me.
Until I imagine my future without her, compare it to the future I was willing to have with her, and see what I have missed.
I’m doing fine.
Until I realize that she exists. And I’m never going to be by her side again. And I have to live dealing with that. 

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